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For established business owners:

Group business consulting and coaching, next level strategy, accountability, connection and more! 

by to be ambitious


Hey ambitious business owner,

This is your go-to group for business coaching, daily inspiration, accountability, strategy, connection and more!

You're capable. You got here. You've done it. And yet you know you're meant for so much more.

Maybe your profitability isn't there, you've fallen out of love with your work, your team isn't performing at the level you expected (or you don't have one, and you're still doing too much), you're burnt out, you want to raise your prices, increase your reach and impact, or you just want to feel more connected to other women who get it. Regardless of the desire, we believe it's possible for you, and we're here to help you make it happen.

By being a part of collaborative groups and learning from mentors, you'll be able to create the growth you desire much quicker. And this isn't just about strategy (although that is a component of the equation) - it's also pure energetics. 

The collective energy of women who dream big and want more is powerful.

If you want to increase your results, the fastest way to do it is by being in community with other go-getters; people who expand your horizons, share what's working (and what's not), cheer you on and show you what's possible and how to get there. This is that place...

How it works

Daily Inspiration and Support

Get daily inspiration directly from your phone. Emily will be posting daily texts or voice notes (Monday-Friday) with inspiration. And Emily and the team will be answering your questions.

Trainings and Consulting

For deeper questions and support, we'll host bi-weekly trainings and bi-weekly Q&A calls with the group. Jump on to get the support you're craving. We'll also be bringing in guest experts to support you as needed.

Collaboration and Community

We all know that when we're connected daily to people who inspire us, we dream bigger and do bigger things. That's what you'll find in this group of go-getters.

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Topics Covered but not limited to those above.

  • High-Ticket Sales
  • Implementing AI Into Your Business
  • Growing Your Team
  • Financial Planning
  • Leadership
  • IrresistIble Program/Offer Creation
  • Building a Standout Brand
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Brand Partnerships
  • Money Mindset
  • Health and Energy
  • Raising Your Prices
  • client success and retention




We create a customized curriculum to help you reach your business (and life) goals.

We Cover

Every other week, we'll be hosting an informational teaching session on one of the topics above. Then the following week, we'll be hosting the Q&A on that topic. That means that every single week, you'll geting to learn life-changing content or get the chance to ask your personalized questions about success in all areas! Mindset, fears/blocks, relationships, health/wellness, marketing, business/career - you name it! 

Most women will plan their schedule so that they can attend these LIVE, but if you simply can’t make it, you can watch the replays. All calls are recorded, transcribed and uploaded to your membership area for you to access for the life of your time in the program.

6 Months of Weekly Teaching and Q&A Sessions

Value: $12,000

Want this group in your back-pocket? You got it! We'll be connecting and collaborating via Telegram on a daily basis. (Please note that although we encourage asking questions in the group as often as you'd like, if there are questions that are more in depth and would be better answered on a live call, then Emily will direct you to do that.) Plus, Emily will be sharing daily inspiration in the form of links, podcast, words of wisdom to keep you moving towards your goals.

Telegram Access + Daily Support

Value: $6,000

We're going to connect you with the best community around - one full of likeminded women who are going for their dreams. You'll feel fully supported as you connect on a deep level with our members from around the world. Who knows?! Maybe your next business partner, bff or soul sister is in this group!

EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO top entrepreneurs and experts in their field

Value: $2,000+

You’re going to get everything listed above valued at over $24,000+

Prices will be going up after the doors close, so you’re gonna want to join now to lock in this super low rate!


As the group develops and we identified the top needs for support, we'll bring in expert mentors and coaches to further support you.

Access to guest mentors and strategists

Value: $2,000+

This is your chance to work directly with a business advisor of your choosing! You can decide to have your offer audited (pricing, client retention, the actual structure itself), your marketing strategy, your financial plan and more! And if you're not sure what to choose, we will support you in making that decision. 

Audit and 1:1 of your choosing (on marketing, your offer, your finances and more!)

Value: $2,000

We created this         Help you

We created this     Help you

After years of seeing business owners struggle to grow their online business, I've brought together an incredible community and team of the best experts in the biz to support you in scaling.

Avoid Mistakes

There are some hard to come back from mistakes that we've made in business that we'll help you avoid.

get connected

One of the fastest ways to get big results in business is through connecting with top entrepreneurs and business owners.

Save Money

Most business owners don't know how to allocate their money in order to get the most results. We'll show you how.

avoid overwhelm

avoid mistakes

We often make things harder than they need to be because we're so close to our brands. We'll show you the fastest path to the results you want.





save money

Avoid Overwhelm

get connected


My story is not so different than yours. I've always been ambitious and have wanted to scale and grow my business quickly. Although I invested in the world's best masterminds, group programs and and coaches, there were certain lessons about success that I had to learn the hard way. There were even some mistakes that I made that almost cost me everything.

Now, I'm passionate about helping you avoid those mistakes, and reach your goals with more ease, flow and community by your side.  

I created this new brand and this program in particular to be the go-to resource for ambitious women who want to gather as a group and build businesses, achieve dreams and ultimately create empires.  I've seen the power of the collective firsthand, and now you get to experience it for yourself.


You may know me as the CEO of I Heart My Life, author, international speaker, or podcast host… but really, I’m just Emily, the champion of your big dreams.

as seen in:

You deserve to have all that you desire (and more). We'll help you get there.

Megan Huber

Megan is the client experience expert known for designing exceptional programs, building high-performing teams, and liberating Visionary CEOs from the day-to-day operations of their education-based businesses. Her secret weapon? Her mastery is peeking behind the curtain of amazing programs and orchestrating processes and order that streamline operations and accelerate success.

Expertise: Program Creation, Team, and Operations, Client Success Specialist

Nikki Nash

Nikki is the marketing gal known for crafting mind-blowing strategies, assembling kick butt marketing teams, and freeing Visionary CEOs from the marketing weeds. What’s her superpower? Creating money making marketing strategies and training and developing marketing team members to successfully grow the business. 

Expertise: Marketing, Lead Generation

Additional Program
Business Advisors

Did somebody say "BONUSES?"

oh that's not all...

yes I want this!

Want to work with us in The Business Advisory while in the Collective? This is our team of experts that will support you 1:1 or with your team. As a member of The Collective, you'll get special pricing on all consulting packages and additional audits. Plus, we're gifting you special pricing within the I Heart My Brand design studio as well on design, branding and copywriting services.

SPECIAL PRICINg on additional services

For a limited time, every member of the Collective will receive our exclusive brand audit. We make immediate suggestions about changes to your overall branding, messaging, design and more! You'll get a check-list of our recommended immediate changes once the audit is complete.


A recorded workshop that allows you to roll up your sleeves and discover the practical power of AI for your business. Learn to create captivating content, engage customers like never before, and streamline operations, all under expert guidance by one of our business advisory partners Hannah Nieves.


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Reduced overwhelm and next-level confidence and mindset to get you where you want to go in life and business

Feeling like this isn't what you
signed up for (your business) and
wondering if you have what it takes to go the distance

Having a network of driven women that you can turn to during the highs and lows

Feeling alone in your business and a
lack of connection with women who get it

Knowing exactly which steps you need to take and in which order

Feeling like you're guessing at
what will work to help you scale

To this:

Go from this:


sounds great, but you might be wondering...


“The community & support has been incredible and I made back my entire investment in the first month..."

Dr. Kim Pendleton
Intimacy Expert

“I have gotten to learn what is working for others and then apply those tactics to my own business..”

Caitlin Strempel
SEO Expert

“I knew I needed to learn from a team that shares the same values of empowering women and knows how to do it on a global scale."

"I knew I needed to learn from a team that shares the same values of empowering women and knows how to do it on a global scale. It felt so good and so powerful just to commit!! Then, the changes and opportunities were incredible and fast. Learning from Emily and James and their team has been unbelievably helpful as I shape my program and welcome more women into it, and the community of other members is invaluable. I cannot recommend it enough. I made my entire investment back in just one month, and I can’t wait to keep generating more income & more opportunities to serve women in their love lives. It’s all possible because I said yes to myself & leveled up, which is what Emily makes clear we can all always do!"

— Mastermind student

“The community & support has been incredible and I made back my entire investment in the first month..."

"It has made a huge difference in how I strategize for Uncover, my online program about love & sex, -- I joined because I wanted to make that program better, but now that I'm in it I see that it is also the perfect place from which to create even higher level offers. The community & support has been incredible and I made back my entire investment in the first month, which is just bananas."

— Dr Kim pendleton

“ I have gotten to learn what is working for others and then apply those tactics to my own business..”

"Because of this community, I’ve felt completely encouraged and supported in my journey of scaling up. And the cherry on top is that the community is filled with so many other inspiring entrepreneurs that I get to learn from. I have gotten to learn what is working for others and then apply those tactics to my own business. These women ask questions that I would never have thought of, and in turn I’ve learned more than I could have ever possibly learned without this group of amazing people."

— Caitlin Strempel

These client testimonials were from a previous program but can stand as examples of what's possible in The Collective.



We ask for a 6-month commitment. Then you can decide if you want to renew or cancel your membership in the program.