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$500K and above

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We're passionate about connecting you with fellow driven women to support you in growing your network, expanding on your big ideas, sharing what's working (and what's not) and helping you amplify your mission in the world.

Who It's For

This Mastermind is for female founders who are looking to be connected inside of a community of driven women.

  • You're growing your business or brand and want to feel supported as you go to the next level. 
  • You aren't looking for another course or group program, but rather peer/colleague support. 
  • You are excited about participating on group sessions and in person at our bi-annual retreats. 
  • You're ready to be expanded by an inspiring group of leaders, impact makers and CEOs.


This Mastermind isn't about one coach teaching her students; it's about connecting you with likeminded fellow founders in a way that's designed to support your business and personal growth. 

“ can accomplish in one year more than you could accomplish without it in a lifetime if you depended entirely on your own efforts for success.” 

Napoleon Hill on the power of masterminds in Think and Grow Rich

“I went on to have a $3.5m launch and am now clearer on where I want to go next. I’d highly recommend working with them.”

Lisa Johnson, Passive Income Expert


“I just feel so alone. I wish I had people in my life who understand what I'm going through."

“What is even working in my business right now? I'd love to know what other people are doing BTS!”

“I wish I could find an easier way to get to the next level. I feel stuck. I must be missing something...

“I want to live my life and have friends...not just build my business.”

“I just need an outside perspective since I'm way too close to my business to think clearly right now."

“I don’t have the capacity or desire to invest in another 5-figure program or coach, but I want to be supported..."


“How come everyone else seems to have their biz besties or tribe? I'm ready to find mine."



Monthly Calls

We meet every month for 90 minutes to connect and support one another in what we're experiencing in life and business at the moment.



Get daily support and connect with the other Mastermind members outside of our monthly calls.


1:1 Pairings

Each month you'll get paired up with another member to book a connection call with them. (If you have a busy month, you can choose to opt-out of this!)



We meet in person at a luxury location to connect and learn from one another. We will also be having guest speakers. (Note: Retreats are an additional investment.)


“Being part of TBA is a breath of fresh air. It's inspiring to be among highly driven, successful women who are genuine, caring, authentic, brilliant, and truly supportive of one another. The collective wisdom and experience within the group are incredible... I've found immense value in receiving answers to questions, gaining insights on challenges, and benefiting from connections, referrals, and shared learnings. This mastermind has been an invaluable resource for both personal and professional growth."

Katie Brauer
Wellness Educator and Personal Transformation Expert

“Just wanted to share again how much I’m loving the mastermind! Not only is it lovely to be surrounded by other brilliant female entrepreneurs but getting advice on the calls has pushed me out of my comfort zone to grow faster, in the best way possible. Thank you again for creating it!"

Molly Keyser
YouTube Expert and Online Business Strategist

“Hey Emily, I had such a great time this last week on the call. I already feel so connected to the group in such a short amount of time and that's a testament to your incredible leadership."

Sage Polaris
Marketing Agency Owner

I'm Emily Williams, and I have been working with female entrepreneurs for the last ten years.

Over the years, I've spent over $600K in working with coaches, being a part of Masterminds and group programs and building out my network and knowledge.

With everything I've learned, the one thing that has dramatically increased my results, finances and level of happiness has always been people and connections.

I know that we're not always in need of a coach or mentor, but rather, a community that will support us in expanding our belief of what's possible, give us tangible ideas to implement and be there when the going gets tough.

That's what this Mastermind is all about.

Why I


If you think this might be a good fit, please apply below.