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Plus, how to get your passion back for your biz and do work that you love.



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This three-part series is all about what's working in the world of online business right now. We all know that things are changing faster than ever before, so I've gathered together a team of experts to support you in staying current and making necessary shifts. Some topics that we'll cover are...

top design and branding trends to adopt

AI in marketing and online business

Brand partnerships and Instagram strategy

Top problems we're seeing in service-based business and how we're fixing them

How to create an irresistible offer in this market​

How to Reignite your passion for your business and do work that you love

Real Feedback

"I just wanted to pop in because I watched part 1 and part 2 of the what’s working in service based businesses this morning and it was one of the best free trainings I’ve been to in a long time!!! I’m in a bit of a reinvention myself and that talk in part 1 was exactly what I needed. I’ve almost rewritten my entire sales page just from watching that training and I feel a new spark of energy in my business. 

Thank you to you and Megan and Nikki for all of the gold. More people need to know about how amazing it is.

So grateful!!!"

Plus, the big reveal of my two new brands and two rebrands .

I'm sharing the BTS of my hiatus from creation, and how it lead to more creation and clarity than I could have ever expected. (And how you, too, can get your mojo back for your work!)

I'm assembled a team of experts to give you real-time info about what's working right now for their clients and communities.

MEET the  

Emily Williams

Emily Williams is a business strategist, money mindset expert and a firm believer in the bigger, the better (dreams, that is). She's all about helping you get clear on your BIG picture vision for your life and business and then helps you get into motion to make it happen. She's also a master-connector (as you can see here by this line-up!) and will help you with all of the support you need to make your big dreams a reality.

Expertise: Money Mindset Expert, Business Strategist, Serial Entrepreneur

Shelby Johnson

Shelby specializes in crafting sophisticated brands, Showit templates, and custom websites that empower businesses to operate with ease. Her diverse clientele base spans photographers and event planners, real estate agents and interior designers, acting studios, travel agents, and just about everything in between. Her signature approach to design fuses clean, minimal, and editorial aesthetics, resulting in effortlessly beautiful branding.

Expertise: Web Design and Branding for Entrepreneurs

Dee Bailey

Dee is an online content strategist + expert. She loves teaching small businesses, creators, and brands how to optimize their Instagram + TikTok strategies so they harness the power of their secret sauce and establish themselves as the go-to expert in their industry. She's been in the online space for decades and behind some of the top brands and founders in the coaching and education community.

Expertise: Brand Partnerships, Influencer Marketing, Content

Jen Olmstead

Jen Olmstead is the lead designer and co-founder of TONIC SITE SHOP, where she makes customizable, stunning designer websites at a FRACTION of the cost. A former journalist, total type nerd, and lifelong fan of a good story, Jen loves bringing design and story together in both beautiful, engaging websites and personal, story-driven marketing. She eats gluten so you don’t have to, her love language is witty banter, and she’s always up for a craft cocktail.

Expertise: Web Design, Story-Driven Marketing

Megan Huber

Megan is the client experience expert known for designing exceptional programs, building high-performing teams, and liberating Visionary CEOs from the day-to-day operations of their education-based businesses. Her secret weapon? Her mastery is peeking behind the curtain of amazing programs and orchestrating processes and order that streamline operations and accelerate success.

Expertise: Program Creation, Team, and Operations

Nikki Nash

Nikki is the marketing gal known for crafting mind-blowing strategies, assembling kick butt marketing teams, and freeing Visionary CEOs from the marketing weeds. What’s her superpower? Creating money making marketing strategies and training and developing marketing team members to successfully grow the business. 

Expertise: Marketing

hannah nieves

Hannah Nieves is a multidisciplinary entrepreneur and a recognized marketing, branding and PR expert. She knows how to build, market and promote authentic brands and create bottom-line results. She’s the founder of Hannah Nieves Consulting, a full service consulting agency, HN Haus, a network and business education platform for multi-passionate women, and This Hudson Studio, a multifunctional creative studio in the Hudson Valley. 

Expertise: Branding, Marketing and PR, AI for Marketing



A three-part series sharing what's currently working in online business. Plus, how to get your passion back for your work and do what you love.